NY Girl Commits Suicide After Extensive Bullying


Children talk about their problems before they act on them. They often confide in their friends before they confide in their parents, if they ever confide in their parents. this is why it's so important to monitor their private conversations. Artimys allows you to provide your children with privacy while still monitoring your kid's text messages.

Queens girls, 12, hangs herself as it's revealed school cyberbullies called 'her a slut and a whore'

Suicide Averted Thanks to Observant and Compassionate Teen.


Suicidal teens often speak about their depression and their intention to commit suicide. We can use these early warnings to intervene and prevent suicide and to improve the life of depressed children and teens. Here's an example of just that: N.J. suicidal teen saved by California girl who saw blog post on Tumblr .

Artimys does what that heroic girl did; reads your child's messages, detects the signs of depression and suicide and alerts you to the danger if it exists. Don't rely on the kindness of strangers, give yourself and your children the best online protection available.

Welcome to Artimys Language Technologies


It’s with great pride and enthusiasm that we launch Artimys Language Technologies. We believe that the Internet can improve children’s’ lives and create a level playing field for all kids so that they can achieve their potential. Unfortunately, the Internet is not a pure good and there are those that would use it to harm our kids. Artimys Language Technologies was formed to use Internet technology to make the Internet as safe as possible for kids.

There’s been incredible progress made advancing language processing over the last decade. One of the biggest changes is the availability of an unprecedented amount of data to train intelligent systems. When I was in engineering school I did research in Neural Networks. One of the hardest parts of that research was assembling suitable data to use for training. We spent lots of time and money on that. Today there is more data available than you can assemble. It’s like raking leaves! What makes the Artimys Guardian so unique is the fact that it’s based on machine learning systems trained on gigabytes of actual teen chat, actual predators, actual bullies and actual kids discussing suicide. We don’t rely on assumptions or models; we use the actual text of actual people. We don’t consider words, we consider context. The result is the most advanced and accurate and adaptive system available to watch over your kids as they pursue their potential on the Internet.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for this important technology and we wish you and your kids all the best that the Internet has to offer

Bob Dillon